Grow Your Side Hustle Without Losing Your Mind (or Your Day Job)


Have a side hustle? Thinking of starting one? Struggling with where to start or how to scale? This is for you.

Both Taylor and Marcus have built successful side hustles while remaining top performers at Fortune 500 companies. In this panel discussion, they breakdown some of the most important elements to building a sustainable side hustle:

  1. How to choose the building blocks for a 5-year plan.
  2. How to use side hustle skills at your main hustle to maximize results.
  3. Why side hustles can actually improve your work/life balance in the long term & how to manage it all in the short term.

Taylor Jones – Manager, Business Development Reps at Salesforce
Marcus Chan – Founder at Venli Consulting Group LLC


  • How do you come up with your first side hustle idea? Where do you find the idea and inspiration? [5:58]
  • How do you cope with building a side hustle with a full-time job. How do you cope with that feeling of “what will my friends think when I put this out there?” What advice do you have for people with that fear? [13:29]
  • Making your first dollar online. What’s the mindset behind it? How did it feel to make the first dollar? [30:00]
  • How do you know when to double down on a side hustle? [38:00]
  • Any advice for tools to automate certain tasks? How do you make the most of your time? [46:40]
  • How do you use freelancers? [49:45]

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