How to Build Growth Marketing Mindset for Your Sales Process

Why is growth marketing essential knowledge for the sales team? How can marketing help your team be more successful?

Gaetano Nino DiNardi leads this talk on the alignment convergence of sales and marketing by looking at what truly works in growth. Get a deeper awareness into how a marketer develops community, how to build stronger relationships that lead to future referrals, and how you can use personalization to make prospects feel special and important.

If you’re ready to surpass your quota, this talk holds the secret to tapping into a marketer’s skills — and using them to better engage your prospects.

Bonus: Forget Sales Process Stages. Focus on Buyer Decision Points

Panelist: Gaetano DiNardi – Director of Growth Marketing at Nextiva


  • Build community [1:37]
  • Deposits before withdrawals [5:44]
  • The difference between relevance and personalization [7:46]
  • Rise of the millennial buyer [9:20]
  • Taking control of your personal brand [12:12]
  • 6 truth bombs for Marketing and Sales [14:28]
  • Modern ways to drive brand awareness [21:21]
  • How to measure brand awareness [23:41]
  • The massive opportunities in organic search [27:50]
  • Easy marketing tactics for salespeople [33:31]
  • Things about business that nobody tells you [35:01]

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