How to Build Continual Improvement Into Your Sales Process


Let’s get meta for a second: How do you build a process for improving your sales process?

That’s exactly the puzzle this expert panel unravels as we dive into perspectives from sales managers, RevOps leaders and sales VPs.

This past year has revealed where sales teams were lacking, and now, with 2021 well underway, it’s time to start building continual improvement into your sales process. Together, we’ll look at how industry leaders have improved their sales processes in the past — and how they are creating flexible processes for the future.

Bonus: Forget Sales Process Stages. Focus on Buyer Decision Points

Taylor Jones – Manager, Business Development Reps at Salesforce
Kaitlen Kelly – Manager, Sales Development at Outreach
Jeff Swan – Founder & Chief Playmaker of RevUp Sales
Rosalyn Santa Elena – Head of Revenue Operations at Clari
Ryan VanElslander – Regional Sales Director at Zenefits

Moderated by: Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker


  • What is RevOps? [9:31]
  • What do leave-behinds or direct mail do to improve the sales process? [14:05]
  • How has outbound prospecting changed since the start of COVID? [18:37]
  • Effective video prospecting [19:36]
  • When was the last time you took a meeting — and why? [23:24]
  • How to identify gaps and keep your process fresh [31:00]
  • How do you ensure the habits of top reps are adopted as best practice? [34:52]
  • The most important improvement to your sales process [36:30]

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