A Day in the Life of the SVP of Sales

Have you ever wondered how other sales professionals are tackling their roles? Structuring their days? Overcoming their challenges?

Me too.

Which is why, In this series, we’re going behind the scenes with top salespeople to get the inside scoop. (You’re welcome!)

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on the SVP of Sales, and for that, we talked to Justin Welsh.

About Justin Welsh

Company Name: PatientPop

Title: SVP of Sales

City/Country: Los Angeles, CA

What You Sell/Quick Pitch: The first all-in-one practice growth platform that’s HIPAA-compliant, delivers measurable improvements, and is proven to grow your practice.

ACV: $13,000

Sales Cycle Timeline: 9 days

Number of people reporting to you: 5 direct reports, 140 person sales team.

A Day in the Life of an SVP of Sales

Pre-Work Routine

Up at 5:30am. I do a Duolingo Spanish lesson every morning. I usually spend about an hour on LinkedIn posting content and interacting with other sales leaders and sales professionals. I have two cups of coffee with my wife, shower, and then walk to the subway.

During-Work Routine


On Mondays I work from home:

I spend 8am – 10am getting ready for my upcoming weekly 1:1’s.

I spend 10am – Noon looking over the upcoming week’s pipeline, KPI goals, and commitments.

From Noon – 1:30pm, I eat lunch and take a walk with my wife.

From 1:30 – 3:30pm, I have an open calendar for interviews for key roles.

From 3:30 – 5pm, I catch up on email and then close down the day.


9am – 10am I’ll meet someone on my team for coffee.

Tuesday is our executive team day, so I’m in Executive meetings from 10am – Noon.

Lunch from Noon – 12:30, then a 45-minute walk.

In the afternoon we have a sales planning meeting with my Sales Leadership team. I’ll leave the last few hours of the day open for interviews.


Wednesday is my 1:1 day, so I spend nearly the whole day in 1:1’s with my sales leadership and business development leadership team: 9am – 3pm.

From 3pm – 4pm, I’m in my weekly 1:1 with my CEO.


Thursday is generally my “free” day, where I spend 10am – noon in a company extended leadership meeting (all VPs, Directors, etc.) and then have Noon – 5pm free for completing major projects or handling any issues that come up during the week.


The same thing goes for Fridays, except I spend 8am – 10am following up on action items from this week’s 1:1s.

10am – Noon is looking back at whether we achieved our KPIs and hit our commitments.

The rest of the day is the same as Monday.

Post-Work Routine

Come home on the subway, have a glass of wine or beer with my wife, catch up on our days. Write some content for tomorrow. Have dinner and then walk 3 miles.

Around 8pm – 9pm, we’ll generally do a little reading, and then head to bed around 9:30pm.

Unique Details

I’m one of the only people I know in Los Angeles that takes the subway to work, so although it takes an hour, I get a ton of work/reading/podcasting done.

Inside My Head

What’s the one app you can’t live without and why? LinkedIn. I’ve made so many incredible connections with amazing leaders.

Name one unsung hero to your day to day and why: My partner in Marketing, Jared Jost. He and I have formed a pretty great team, and our revenue is benefitting from that!

What is the one thing you can’t do your day without? Two cups of coffee and some Nipsey Hussle on my walk to the subway.

What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had when you were 22? Play the long game…

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