Demystifying the Role of Sales Operations

If you haven’t heard, sales and business operations is here in a big way.

The growing need for this function is underpinned by the huge opportunities that companies now have with sophisticated sales and marketing technology. But in order to be in a position to seize these gains, your company needs to have proper CRM foundation, process, and data.

A lot of companies want to take advantage of this, but they don’t know where to start. They may have heard about “Sales Operations”, but aren’t really sure what it is, what they can expect, and when it makes sense to hire someone for this role.

The one thing they do know is that the most efficient, modern sales organizations have emphasized this role early in order to have the infrastructure in place to scale.

We created this presentation to outline how the role(s) Sales Operations plays in many organizations and how this role evolves as the company grows.

[slideshare id=67371270&doc=whatissalesoperations-161018211819]

Another thing that’s important to emphasize is how sales operations can impact different departments outside of sales like marketing and finance. Assuming you’re centralizing your customer data in the CRM, when you begin to take advantage of technologies like marketing automation, having your setup and workflow in a good place is critical.

How has sales operations impacted your organization? When did you invest in this function and knowing what you know now, would you have done it sooner?

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