You’re Not as Woke as You Think You Are


Why is it that the black people we see in executive positions at visible companies are typically in DEI positions? Why not sales? Why not marketing?

In this panel discussion moderated by Gong’s Gabrielle Blackwell, four sales leaders will dig deep into their own experiences of misplaced ‘wokeness’ in sales culture.

You’ll hear about the stories and experiences of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of well-meaning efforts that aren’t aligned to what would truly help folks from racial/gender diverse backgrounds in a sales environment.

Join this session to learn about the small things leaders and individuals can do to mitigate the impact that unconscious bias plays across their teams.

Galem Girmay — Sales Executive at GoContractor
Nikki Ivey — Sales Development at Emtrain
Mykal White — Change Maker & CEO of NUNDA

Moderated by:
Gabrielle Blackwell — Sales Development Manager, SMB/ Commercial at Gong


  • Do women of color feel like they have to compromise in order to move up in their careers? [5:15]
  • What does identity mean to you? [9:30]
  • How do you set the right tone in your organization? [13:31]
  • Advocating for yourself [19:05]
  • Why does DE&I have to be so complicated — and how do we uncomplicate it? [27:05]
  • The importance of recognizing what’s going on outside the workplace [41:45]

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