Episode 7: How to Respond to “Not Interested”

Sellers ask questions in the community to get help from people who have been in their shoes.

I’m Jeff Swan (Sales Couch & Founder of Outbound SOS) and I’m here to do exactly that.

Every week I’ll take a question from the Sales Hacker Community and share my tactical & practical tips that will help fill your funnel, build your personal brand, and enjoy your work.

If you’ve got questions on outreach strategies, conversions, or team management, start a discussion in the community and tag me (@jeffswan18) for a response!

Watch today’s Q & A, and check out the original discussion thread below



Shout out to @vladimirbe67 for their question!



Got a question on:

  • Outreach Strategies
  • Conversions
  • Team Management
  • Career Development

Start a discussion in the community and tag Jeff (@jeffswan18)!

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