GTM 30: 19 Million Members - The Woman Behind Salesforce's Trailblazer Community

GTM 30: 19 Million Members and Counting: Meet The Woman Behind The Salesforce Trailblazer Community with Eric Kuhl

Erica Kuhl joins us this week for an inspiring episode on how to build your community in today’s environment, with over 20 years of enterprise community expertise.

Erica shares some valuable tips and tricks that she learned after spending over a decade successfully building the Trailblazer community and ecosystem at Salesforce.

What You Will Learn:

  • How she built the Trailblazer Salesforce community from scratch and what inspired her to do it.
  • How to run programs with any size budget and any size team.
  • How to build community strategies to scale.
  • The positive outcomes of exceptional leadership.
  • The importance of aligning community to a business strategy.


(2:30) Intro & Erica’s experience building out trailblazers at Salesforce.

(10:55) Hot take: The over saturation of community.

(18:25) Challenges scaling the community at Salesforce.

(35:24) What Erica would do differently if she could go back and build Salesforce’s Community all over again?

(42:58) Erica’s advice on how to make team meetings more upbeat, lively, and productive.

(45:20) Erica’s take on a widely held belief that revenue leaders share that she thinks might be bullsh*t.

(47:23) Step 1 when starting a community.

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