GTM 46: "Rest at the End

GTM 46: “Rest at the End, Not in the Middle” with The CEO and Co-Founder of Outreach, Manny Medina

Manny Medina is the CEO and Co-Founder at Outeach. Prior to Outreach, Manny was employee number three on Amazon’s AWS team, and led the Microsoft mobile division from launch to $50M in annual revenue. He holds an MBA from Harvard and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to stay driven and motivated while building a multi-billion-dollar company.
  • The importance of staying small in headcount as you begin to scale.
  • Finding product-sales fit as fast as you can as a first-time founder.
  • Manny shares his first sale that helped pivot the company from recruiting to sales.
  • Why managing by forecast has changed in the last year.
  • The best sales fundamentals to help founders succeed in today’s down market.


(2:42) Where Manny’s sustained motivation to win comes from.

(5:14) Manny’s take on AI’s impact on rev tech.

(9:35) Manny’s take on the competitive landscape with the emergence of AI.

(19:40) An impactful story that happened to Manny recently came across.

(27:24) How to maintain a strong company culture as you start to scale.

(33:35) Manny’s valuable advice to first-time founders.

(35:03) The story of Manny’s first memorable sale.

(37:08) 2 fundamental things that have changed in SaaS over the last couple of years.

(40:40) Best tip to founders.

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Before helping found GTMfund, Scott spent 4 years at Outreach as Director of Strategic Engagement. He was in charge of aligning key relationships with VCs, BoDs, ecosystem partners and community members to drive revenue and strategic initiatives across Outreach. Scott initially ran revenue/partnerships for Sales Hacker (which was acquired by Outreach in 2018). Prior to Sales Hacker, he led and built outbound Business Development teams at Payfirma and MediaValet. Scott also advises for a number of high growth start-ups and is the host/author of The GTM Podcast and The GTM Newsletter. At GTMfund, Scott leads all fundraising efforts and runs the media arm of the firm. He’s also responsible for assessing investments, team management, LP/community relationships and GTM support for founders.

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