GTM 57: The Real/Raw Version of Selling a Start-Up with Eli Rubel

Eli Rubel is the CEO of MatterMade and NoBoringDesign, and has served as a Marketing advisor for companies like Dropbox, Loom, Productboard, Calm, and many others. Prior to MatterMade & NoBoringDesign, Eli was the founding CEO of which he led through a successful acquisition to FPX.

What you will learn

  • The importance of leveraging Demand Efficiency for your business
  • Being aware of the bad actors that exist in business
  • Extreme diligence on contract work should not be overlooked
  • Setting yourself up successfully post acquisition changes


(3:39) Defining Demand Efficiency

(7:30) Shared data around good efficiency through channels

(10:10) Common micro-surfaces that are often overlooked

(13:10) Companies revisiting their brand guidelines and brand identity

(15:24) Good conversion rates on ad spend for b2b SaaS companies

(17:10) Things people should think about when analyzing their demand efficiency

(18:10) Eli’s acquisition that went wrong

(25:30) How to combat against acquisitions going wrong

(28:00) Post acquisition shift – how to set yourself up

(30:10) Founder Question: What your first marketing hire should look like

(25:00) Hot take: LinkedIn is dying!

(38:00) Operational excellence will set your team up for success every time


Demand efficiency as a definition, is the evaluation of all of the different micro surfaces and growth levers throughout the buyers journey and how they all stack up together.

Build a brand that’s extensible, you can still have fresh ads that are being changed up as long as the underlying brand foundations were created in a way that allow for creativity and experimentation.

When you combine curiosity, grit, and drive together, it doesn’t matter what they know and what they don’t know. Because they’re going to figure it out and try.

Links and Resources

Eli’s Linkedin:

MatterMade’s Website:

NoBoringDesign Website:

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