GTM 79: Surviving and Thriving with Frugal, Gorilla GTM Against Giant Incumbents | Amit Pande

Amit Pande is CMO and EVP of Strategy at Aviso AI, a leading revenue intelligence platform. Previously, Amit led marketing efforts at startups like Tact AI (1st AI Assistant for Sales backed by AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce), HP Inc (next-gen computing) and Spire AI (Human Capital SaaS). In a prior life, Amit also led product and UX teams at Yahoo and Oracle. Amit is a Stanford GSB alumnus and has served on its alumni board, and has also studied human-computer interaction and engineering at the University of Minnesota. He is a coffee loving techno-humanist, loves sci-fi and graphic novels, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What You Will Learn:

  • Challenges of entering crowded markets with large incumbents. 
  • Repositioning and reframing to differentiate from incumbents.
  • Using events as a way to engage with customers and drive conversations.
  • Building a successful marketing strategy with limited funding.
  • Finding true north and surrounding oneself with inspiring ideas and people.


(13:38) Changing narrative and playing field to differentiate from incumbents.

(21:12) Changing the playing field in a competitive market.

(22:15) Competitive strategies against industry giants.

(23:09) Strategies for hacking events to drive conversations.

(27:49) Building a winning marketing strategy with a small budget.

(35:57) Advice for startups entering a market with established incumbents.

(43:00) One thing revenue leaders believe to be true that Amit thinks is bull$***.

(45:45) One thing that is working for Amit in go-to-market right now.

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