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How to Build and Execute a Signal-Based Sales System

The next evolution of GTM is extremely intentional. It’s a data-driven evolution that leverages data to identify signals and intent among prospects. A signal-based sales system allows sales teams to prioritize and engage with leads more effectively, using real-time data to inform their strategies.

Join Saad Khan and GTMfund to learn how to build and execute a signal-based sales system. He has done this at multiple companies, driving a 461% increase in qualified pipeline at Dooly and a 250% qualified pipeline improvement at Aligned.

What you’ll learn:

  • System: How a signal-based approach is more than a strategy, a playbook, a tactic; when properly built it is a system.
  • Key Success Factors: Identifying the critical components and metrics that define success in a signal-based sales system.
  • Blueprint for Implementation: Practical steps and strategies for building and integrating a signal-based sales system into your existing sales processes, ensuring a seamless transition and maximized sales performance.


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