How to Build Predictable Pipeline to Steady Your Course to Revenue (and hit your number)

60% of sales leaders are not confident that they’ll hit their revenue goals.

With a global market more reactive and volatile than ever, this is an incredibly stressful environment for both your sales reps and your management team.

To lighten the pressure, you need to ensure your pipeline is predictable and in a secure space (letting your teams get back to doing what they do best: prospecting and selling).

On September 22nd, you’ll hear insight from experts on what can be done to consistently and predictably build pipe


Dana Mirabella – VP of Customer Success at SalesScreen

Hilmon Sorey – Co-founder at CoachCRM

Nick Sproul – Sales Development Operations Leader at Second Nature

You’ll learn:

  • How to instill behaviors in sellers and SDRs that will lead to consistency in pipeline building.
  • How to bake accountability and best practices into your sales force.
  • How to utilize data to quickly pivot strategies before it’s too late
  • How to enable transparency into deal progression and increase the reliability of your CRM so you can forecast accurately

Watch it here

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