Interview with Juliana Crispo – The Director of Enterprise Sales at Ghostery

Next up in our interview series we have Juliana Crispo, the Director of Enterprise Sales at Ghostery. Juliana is leading a workshop at the conference on qualifying and buy-in psychology.

Some of the Topics Covered in the Interview:

  1. Enterprise Selling
  2. Qualifying and Buy-In Psychology
  3. The LinkedIn Enterprise Hack

How Big is the Team at Ghostery?

Right now the team is 12 sales executives, 4 SDRs, and 5 are in customer success, so a total of 21 sales folks globally.

What’s the Big Goal for Ghostery?

Last year was all about figuring out our process in the enterprise, validating our product with customers by digging deep and making sure to really respond to the pain points enterprise customers have. Through that they were able to get accounts with over 25 of the top 50 eCommerce retailers by revenue. This year the big goal is to takeover the other half of those 25 major retailers and expanding into new verticals.

How Did You Get Those Top Accounts?

It was a lot of work. Tons of top of the funnel emailing and cold calls, but as soon as we were able to connect with the right person it was an easy close.

How Did Ghostery Identify Who to Target in the Enterprise?

It’s all based on the Customer Hypothesis Framework and Process, which is being really methodical about the pain your product solves and figuring out how to speak to those pains in the marketplace with customers.

Bold Predictions for 2015

It is definitely the year of the SDR, and even though it has been around for a long time companies are now realizing how effective this role type is for their business. But what is interesting is who exactly owns that role. Some instances the SDRs report directly to the CEO. It could even report to marketing as their a demand gen driver for the company. It could also be the VP of Sales that owns the SDR function and establishing their KPIs.

What is Qualifying and Buy-In Psychology?

There is a ton of content out there about “getting the meeting” and “what is the email template” and “what is the cadence to use” etc. but the workshop is designed to help you after you get those meetings, and to close the business.

Craig is the Director of Marketing at Sales Hacker and the Founder of Red Bridge. A marketing agency focused on helping B2B Tech Startups accelerate their growth.

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