Introducing: The 2016 Edition of Hacking Sales

Hello Sales Hackers,

Max here with some very exciting news. Tuesday, Wiley Publishing released the 2016 version of my book Hacking Sales: Building a High Velocity Sales Machine. Yes, a real publisher published my book. It has a ton of new tools, a few new chapters, relevant content, and more awesomeness.

It’s an insane brain dump of things I’ve been studying and learning about sales over the past few years. I’m excited to share it all with you.

In this book you’ll learn:

  1. How to figure out your ideal customer profile (ICP)
  2. How to map your total addressable market (TAM)
  3. How to find the companies in your TAM and harvest accurate data
  4. How to build lists of potential buyers
  5. How to find the contact information of potential buyers at scale
  6. How to find different strategies for targeting prospects to properly segment lists
  7. How to look at the messaging process and how to track, measure, and optimize your outbound e-mails
  8. How to implement outsourcing and how to hire, train, and manage virtual assistants
  9. The best ways to nurture and follow up leads
  10. The process of preparing for your first call
  11. How to negotiate, handle objections, and close the deal
  12. How to navigate introductions, how to phrase introductions, and how to get your point across
  13. The importance and art of asking for referrals
  14. Plus some really unique bonus sales hacks

We also showcase about 150 companies, so if you’re looking into new sales tools and technologies, make sure you check this out.

So grab a copy and leave me a nice review if you like it. It’ll be very much appreciated!


Max Altschuler is the General Partner of GTMfund. He previously founded Sales Hacker, a premier B2B sales media company, and scaled it to over 150,000 monthly visitors before its acquisition by At Outreach, Max served as VP of Marketing for four years. During that time, he built an incredible team that helped the company 3.5x ARR in under two years, while building and becoming the leader in the Sales Engagement Category. A recognized thought leader, Max has been featured in Forbes, Time, Inc, Harvard Business Review, and Quora. He is also the author of “Hacking Sales: The Playbook For Building A High Velocity Sales Machine,” published by Wiley.

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