RevOps Will Fix Your Pipeline and Your Love Problems


“What is RevOps?”

Ask 10 people and you’ll get 13.5 different answers.

We’ve heard from some of our community members that they feel like Revenue Operations has been severely misunderstood.

They’re sick and tired of it, frankly.

Sick. And. Tired.

Because we’re Sales Hacker (and it’s literally our job), we decided to take matters into our own hands: we talked to the experts.

These are the folks in the thick of it every day: fielding your integration questions, integrating your field questions and just generally revving your oops.

The question:

How do you describe RevOps?

The goal:

To define RevOps once and for all.

Watch this video if you:

  • Never want to misunderstand Revenue Operations again.
  • Have no idea what the heck we’re talking about.
  • Like donuts (we don’t have any, we just like people who like donuts).

Too cool for school?

Get the answers straight from the pros, right here.


RevOps is…


“A one person job.” — Michael Canty, Head of Global Revenue Operations at


“…the same as Marketing and Sales Ops.” — Dwamian McLeish, CEO & Founder at Junction


“A made-up role so companies can hire more people to tell sales how best to do their job.” — Jason Henson, Manager, SMB Sales Development at Lytx, Inc. 


“Like a dope sneaker collection. Everybody wants one, but not everybody knows how to set one up.” — Feras Abdel, Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Outreach



 “Money laundering through apex.” — Thomas Foley, Chief Data Sherpa at Hightouch


“It’s just like any Operations. As long as you don’t hear about it, you know it’s working great.” — Jim Lee, VP Revenue Strategy at Outreach


“A human shield for a sales leader boss who failed up fast and never actually learned / used CRM. In bad times, the shield is wielded in exec / BOD meetings to obfuscate real data. In good times, the shield is set aside and angled parabolically to reflect back to the pure sales acumen of the sales leader boss who has scheduled themself to present in front of the next all hands meeting to show everyone that their department is the reason times are good.” — Sean Mulvihill, Founder & CEO at Storiphi


“Sales support/ administrative work.” — Alisa Goldschmidt, Senior Revenue Operations Manager at OutMatch HCM


“Snoitarepo Eunever, backwards. ” — Oliver Squires, Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Ebsta



“Absolutely STOKED to take your meeting request.” — Ryan Fiorenza, Account Executive at Conga


“The best taqueria in the mission. End of argument.” — Harish Mohan, SVP, Revenue Operations & Excellence at Outreach


“Not for me to think about.” — Priyanka Lalwani, Product Creative Manager at Precise Persona


“Surgery on broken money.” — Kristen Cinalli, Head of Sales at SecurityTrails


“Super simple to explain to someone with no outside knowledge.” — Blake Whitney, Sales Operations Manager at Quorum



“Nothing. What does that team even do all day?” — Jennifer Buchanan, Sales Operations Administrator at Capacity


“A neutral team.” — Adithya Krishnaswamy, Head of Growth at Everstage


“Sales Operations.” — Brandon Benjamin, Manager, Marketing Technology at PagerDuty 


“…is trying to get really big squares into tiny round holes.” — Jasmine Powers, RevOps Consultant at Jasmine Powers Multimedia



“The bad cop.” — Josh Vajda, Director of Sales Operations, Sales Chief of Staff – AMER/APAC at Ivalua


“A dumpster fire at times.” — Ben Fuller, Director, Internal Systems at OnSolve


“A misleading advertising term to trick talented ops & analytics folk to join just so they can spend their days rebuilding salesforce reports on incomplete/incompatible data sets over and over again. ” — Richard Makara, Growth Engineer at Paddle



“BI, gut instincts, and preconceived notions.” — Chris Ortolano, Founder & Principal at Outbound Edge


“A gussied-up name for ‘salesforce admin’.” — Mike Bush, Director of Comms & Brand at Cargomatic


“A fad. ” — Stephanie Lewis-Bennett, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Adnova Group


“The Peter principle personified.” — Shawn Sease, Head of Sales & Client Growth at ScaledOn


“Losing money on every project, but still making money at the end of the year.” — Marc-Andre Ravary, Business Development at Delsan



“A luxury and not a necessity.” — Navin Persaud, Member at RevGenius


“The silver bullet.” — Eric Slaager, Revenue Operations Transformation at B2B Saas Companies


“Revenue Optimization” — Keith Jones, Manager, GTM Systems at MURAL


“Hilarious.” — Lynn (MinSun Oh) Mueller, Senior Manager, Sales Operations at Typeform


“Something I’ll figure out later, we’re just trying to scale and that’s a nice to have.” — Sam Gifford, Account Executive – Mid Market at Chargebee

“The new kid on the block.” — Harriet Edwards, Global Head of Sales Operations at Ciklum



“Likely premature.” — Travis Alford, Senior Sales Consultant at Darwinian Ventures


“A title we used to get more applicants to our job posting.” — Aaron Leeder, Senior Director, Partnerships & Alliances at Revenue Collective and Operations Collective


“Best led by the CFO.”  — John McTigue, Customer Journey Guide at The Customer Journey Maestro


“Your Marketo button pushers.” — Chris Willis, Global Marketing Operations Manager, Integrated Marketing Strategies at Trimble Inc.



“Unnecessary.” — Mike Mauldin, Principal Recruiter, TwentyPine


“A good fit for MBAs with no actual experience.” — Travis Trucker, Sr. Account Executive at Curvature


“Not something we need at ‘this stage’.” — Jerimiah Lancaster, Partner & Managing Director at Winning By Design


“‘A cost center’ <- ” — Jack Moberger, Account Executive, Mid Market + Enterprise at Algolia



“The Gatekeepers.” — Gaylene Dickens, Salesforce Administrator at SecurityScorecard


“Easy.” — Sophia Francis, Revenue Operations & Strategy at Kicksaw


“A mistake.” — Jesus Meca, Founder at Real Focus Marketing LLC


“People who get all of the credit and money for the deals that close due to all of their hard work.” — Ed Jeffe, Founder at Demo Solutions



“Overrated.” — Grant Acosta, Senior Customer Success Manager/Senior Salesforce Consultant – Managed Services at Simplus


Happy April 1st. Want the real answer? Check out our full guide:

What is RevOps? (And Why You Need it for Sales Success)

Colin is the Director of Marketing at Sales Hacker. Before that, he led the strategy team at a marketing agency, and worked with hundreds of B2B brands to build winning inbound strategies. Outside of work, Colin is the world’s biggest dog lover, and spends as much time as possible outside.

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