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The GTM Newsletter is a weekly newsletter via GTMnow, the media extension of GTMfund. GTMnow shares insight on go-to-market from working with hundreds of portfolio companies backed by over 350 of the best in the game executive operators who have been there, done that at the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies.
Nicole Wojno Smith
“GTM's newsletter is one of the few emails I look forward to getting in my inbox each week. It's packed with advice & lessons learned from the top operators who have scaled companies, and I always walk away with something I can implement in my business.”
Samantha McKenna
"The GTM newsletter is one of very few that I open, for its tangible and practical advice, and for educating me on modern practices and companies that I want to stay in tune with”
Troy Munson
"Best newsletter in the game. Not even close."
Saad Khan
“The GTMnow engine is in full swing!”
Mike Molinet
“GTMfund and GTMnow are the bomb”
"Great resources and absolute 🔥 content!"
Florin Tatulea
“Top tier!!”

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