Anti “Personal Brand”: The Damage & 35 Downsides of Building a Personal Brand (And What You Should Do Instead)

It seems everywhere you turn today, someone’s trumpeting that you ABSOLUTELY must build a personal brand.

That it’s your golden ticket to endless opportunities. Your quick-and-easy meal ticket to success. That you’d be absolutely crazy not to.

But in a land where everything has an opportunity cost, you have to ask: When can it hurt you?

What are the downsides of building a personal brand?

Come join Becc Holland for the ultimate tear-down of the personal brand mythos — and what you should do instead.


Becc Holland – Founder & CEO of Flip the Script

You’ll Learn

  • 35 downsides of building a personal brand, the negative effects on your pipeline as an SDR/AE/sales leader, & how it can damage your career long term
  • The 5 types of professionals who typically advocate for personal brand and why they advocate for it
  • The only 2 scenarios where building a personal brand is a great idea
  • The 5 things to do instead that will drive real results

Watch it here

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