5 Ways to Shorten Your Time to Revenue


Pete Kazanjy – Co-founder at Atrium HQ

Farlan Dowell – Former VP of Sales at Rainforest QA


Scott Barker – Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • Top 3 reasons why your time-to-revenue should be on the top of your priority list
  • How to create your own sales productivity playbook
  • How to periodically measure and adjust your sales efficiency to barrel through your quarterly sales goals.

Watch it here

With new, hyper-growth companies constantly popping up and increasing competition, time-to-revenue is one of THE most crucial factors in your business.

Think about it—if your competitor is growing at 40% a quarter and doubling revenue every 6 months, you need to ensure that your team keeps up at breakneck speeds or risk being left in the dust.

In this webinar sponsored by DocuSign, Pete Kazanjy, Co-founder of Atrium HQ, and Farlan Dowell, Former VP of Sales at Rainforest QA, discuss why an accelerated time-to-revenue allows your business to stay ahead of the competition year after year.

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