7 (and a Half) Dos and Dont’s of Creating Winning Sales Campaigns

Guest: Jacob Turner – Senior Sales Consultant at Sapper Consulting

Moderator: Scott Barker – Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker

The table stakes of outbound sales have changed.

Strategies, tactics & tools that were once an advantage are the new bar for entry. The bad news? Since sellers are continuing to innovate within their sales campaigns, outbound will only become more & more challenging in the future.

Here’s the question: how can you stay ahead of the pack & prove to your prospects that you’re a trusted advisor who can help guide them to a promised-land (where their problems are solved & your solution is King)? Oh, yeah… you’ve also gotta do all of that AT SCALE.

Here, Jacob Turner, Senior Sales Consultant at Sapper Consulting, revealed his secret-sauce to winning sales campaigns that: (1) engage your prospects where they’re already hanging out, (2) convey relevant & valuable messaging that inspires your prospects to take action, and (3) enables you to effectively follow-up WITHOUT being annoying or pushy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make your cold emails & calls STAND OUT (so you don’t sound like every other canned email/call)
  • Followup tactics to recover from a “not so good” first cold email/cold call
  • How to identify the communication channels that your prospects will actually respond to (across email, phone, text, Facetime, social, etc.)
  • Why you NEED to weave customer stories into your messaging (hint: let your prospects know they aren’t alone in their pain!!)
  • How to multi-thread into your deals & engage multiple stakeholders the RIGHT way

Watch it here

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