Why the World’s Leading CMOs are Doubling Down On Events To Generate Pipe


Alon Alroy – Co-founder and CMO, Bizzabo

What you’ll learn:

  • Why leading organizations are increasing their events budget
  • What the most successful organizations share in common in their approach to events
  • How businesses can use events to nurture prospects and close deals today
  • The latest trends in event marketing and what they mean for achieving business objectives tomorrow

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In this bold new marketing world where data has been adopted as the raw natural resource of marketing, why are the majority of CMOs growing their event budgets by 22% for 2019? What might seem to the casual observer as counterintuitive or technology backlash just might be a realization that direct engagement should be just that: direct, face-to-face.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, GE, HubSpot, Salesforce, L’Oreal, Google, Ford, and Sales Hacker all understand the value of live events; and have committed themselves to market and sales strategies that place face-to-face interactions front and center. This surge in experiential spending isn’t a public relations ploy; it’s about the bottom line.

On this webinar, Bizzabo CMO and Co-Founder Alon Alroy discussed the factors informing this trend towards experiential marketing and share practical methods for folding events into a sales strategy to nurture prospects and close deals.

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