A Sales Leader’s Guide to a Killer SKO

A Sales Leader’s Guide to a Killer SKO

A Sales Kickoff is a massive commitment of time, energy, and resources. But too often, SKOs give a temporary boost to morale and little else.

The success of an SKO comes down to preparation. If you come prepared with data-driven insights, a clean CRM, excellent reporting, and a well-crafted agenda, you won’t just improve morale—you’ll lay the foundation for massive revenue growth and a demonstrable ROI.

Join these experts LIVE to workshop an SKO “do’s and don’ts” list for your keeping.


Leslie Venetz – Founder of Sales Team Builder LLC

Peter Mollins – CMO at SetSail

Scott Ingram – CEO and Founder at SalesTechEX

Tom Slocum – Founder of The SD Lab

You’ll learn:

  • How (and why you need!) to get a clean CRM before your SKO
  • What data and reporting you need in place pre-SKO
  • Examples of activities and agendas from SKOs that drive revenue

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