A Look Behind the Curtain: Hiring the Best Salespeople (and the rules no one talks about)

Ever wonder what really happens behind the scenes of hiring salespeople (for a high-performing sales team)?

It’s not as simple as it sounds. Most companies focus on the skills and experience they’re looking for but forget about culture fit and work ethic.

Those are important but there are a few secret ingredients that should be at top of your list that may shock you.


Brian Smith Jr. – Channel Sales Manager at Venditon

Julia Kimmel – VP of People at RocketReach

Mike Rosenberg – VP of Sales at RocketReach

You’ll learn:

  • The secrets of hiring and recruiting top performing salespeople.
  • Trends in hiring sales teams in 2022-2023
  • Key questions to ask when hiring that perfect sales person
  • Key characteristics of a successful sales person and how to motivate them
  • Importance of being proactive in your hiring process

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