How To Create Viral Content On LinkedIn And Drive Massive Inbound Leads


James Carbary – Founder at Sweet Fish Media


Gaetano DiNardi – VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • How reps can create daily content that keeps them top of mind with their prospects
  • Why you should be writing status updates instead of LinkedIn articles
  • How to craft an opening sentence that captures attention and results in massive engagement
  • The #1 thing you need to do immediately after publishing content on LinkedIn

Watch it here

Sales reps are being told that they need to actively share, create, and curate content on LinkedIn. However, this is making it harder and harder to cut through the noise and get the right people to share and engage with content. So how do you fight through the noise and start using content to drive inbound leads and sales conversations?

In this webinar, James Carbary, Founder of Sweet Fish Media, will show you how to get your content to go viral and help you drive more leads!

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