How To Create Your Sales Onboarding Playbook From Scratch


Robby Allen – Head of Sales at Mixmax


Richard Harris – Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • 3 actionable things you can do to decrease ramp-up time by 30 days
  • How to measure the success of your onboarding playbook
  • Lessons from hiring and onboarding over 300 sales reps
  • Why giving a demo to the CEO in the first week should be mandatory for all new sales hires

Watch it here

In sales you have two levers for growth:

  1. Hire more reps
  2. Make reps more effective

In this webinar we explore the second lever, with a specific focus on the first three months on the job, and how technology and automation are playing a bigger role in the success of sales reps at top companies.

Robby Allen is the head of sales at Mixmax—an account-based sales automation platform. Previously he ran global sales development at Flexport, and before that built the outbound sales program at Zenefits—hiring, training, and managing over 200 reps.

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