How to Get the Most Out of Your SDR Team in 2019: A New Playbook for a New Year


Adam Schoenfeld – General Manager, Drift

Trish Bertuzzi – Founder & CEO, The Bridge Group, Inc.

What you’ll learn:

  • Create and develop a successful SDR team
  • Market and sell to the new generation of B2B buyers
  • Implement new processes and technologies into your sales strategy
  • Ensure that your SDR team is operating at maximum efficiency

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Your work here is just about done. You’ve been grinding since January 1st, determined to make each moment count towards achieving your year end goals. And now with the finish line in site, all that effort has paid off. So relax. Take a deep breath. Maybe even crack a smile.

Enjoy your success; you’ve earned it.

OK, now onto 2019.

As great as 2018 was, now is the time to start reflecting and planning for next year. How are you going to continue to grow your business in 2019? No doubt you’ve got a sales development team. But how can you be sure they’re operating at maximum efficiency as a new year and loftier goals approach?

Well to make sure your SDR team comes out of the gate firing in 2019, we paired our own Adam Schoenfeld up with the woman who literally wrote the book on sales development, CEO and Founder of the Bridge Group, Trish Bertuzzi.

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