How to Maximize Revenue Efficiency as You Scale Your Sales Org


Matt Millen – SVP, Revenue Operations, Outreach

Stephen Farnsworth – Sales Development Manager, Outreach

What you’ll learn:

  • Metrics you should be monitoring across your sales organization to improve rep productivity
  • How to make sure you’re investing in the proper technology that will measurably increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team
  • Best practices for tracking deal progression from cold prospect to closed won (and beyond!)

Watch it here

“Do more with less.” You have probably heard a variation of that phrase — increasing return without increasing resources is the goal of every business.

But as a company grows, so does its complexity. Thousands of moving parts — employees, sales strategies, technologies — working in concert to fuel growth and increase revenue. So how do you boost revenue efficiency, drive more sales, and retain and expand accounts to scale your business?

Lauren Alt is the Manager of Demand Generation at Outreach. Prior to this, she led the marketing campaigns where she was responsible for overseeing and coordinating marketing’s campaign planning, execution and measurement processes for the purpose of cross team alignment to achieve marketing revenue goals.

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