Is Your Sales Tech Stack Drowning Your Reps? Here’s How to Restrategize


Joshua Tillman – CEO, DialSource

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify metrics that matter most and where meaningful connections occur in the sales process.
  • The impact of fractured systems and how you can simplify your tech stack without losing functionality.
  • How to reduce friction in your sales reps’ day and get them to love the sales process.

Watch it here

For the past several years, companies around the country have spent valuable time and resources adopting sales enablement technologies. These applications were created to help sales reps focus on building customer relationships. However, for far too many sales reps, the result has been the opposite.

This over-reliance on sales technology has left sales reps drowning under a tech stack that takes time away from customer relationships and replaces it with the exact types of tasks technology was supposed to replace.

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