How to Turbocharge Conversions by Adding a Human Layer to Your Sales Stack


James Isilay – CEO at Cognism

Tibor Shanto – Chief Sales Officer at Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.


Richard Harris – Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • Using an integrated approach to improving conversion
  • How to increase “at-bats and batting average” to improve outcomes
  • How using “Tech for Broad Stroke – Humans for Finishing” is a winning approach
  • Using the right data from big data

Watch it here

While it is the goal of every sales organization to improve flow through their sales pipeline, improving execution can drive productivity, performance and results. Rather than trying to create a balance between tech and reps; progressive and winning sales organizations strive to create a continuity between the two to achieve superior outcomes. While flow is key, it starts with the ability to convert a higher rate of leads to opportunities, this is where that continuity delivers maximum impact in driving your pipeline.

Watch sales thought-leader Tibor Shanto and James Isilay, CEO of the award-winning B2B start-up Cognism, as they share “what’s working” in extending tech to help humans convert, and how humans can better use tech for the same purpose.

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