Hunting Whales? How to Multithread into Enterprise Deals


Jamal Reimer – Owner at Outseller Consulting

Andrew Mewborn – Enterprise Sales & Growth at Outreach

Moderator: Katie Ray – Community Engagement Manager at Sales Hacker

You know it. I know it…

By now, we should all know it! Nine times out of ten, you NEED to engage multiple stakeholders to get a deal across the line. Relying on a single internal champion simply won’t cut it nowadays.

Solutions are growing in complexity and budgets continue to become more restrictive. Which means decisions are made unilaterally. This is especially true for enterprise deals.

Unfortunately, finding out who you need to present your solution to (and how) is no easy task.

We were joined by Jamal Reimer, Owner at Outseller Consulting (& Enterprise deal extraordinaire), and Andrew Mewborn, Sr. Account Executive at Outreach, to learn how to multithread into whale-sized deals like a pro.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to discover the priorities of each & every stakeholder in an enterprise deal
  • Tactics to tailor your demo conversations to the priorities of each stakeholder
  • How to read 10k reports & analyze quarterly analyst calls (hint: these are information goldmines for enterprise deals!)
  • The most common multi-threading mistakes (& how to avoid them)

Watch it here


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