The Number One Secret Sales Leaders Overlook to Close Deals Faster


Travis Bickham – VP of Sales and Marketing, Concord

Alycia Simpson – Dir. of Demand Generation, Concord

What you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate sales velocity and its impact on your top-line revenue
  • Tips to accelerate that velocity by 30% through the approval and signature process
  • How to build contract management processes that reliably produce quicker closed/won deals

Watch it here

Getting to “yes” is more than just the techniques your team is employing to get the close. It is also about the fulfillment process—how they are creating, negotiating, getting approval, and securing signatures. Deal fulfillment is one of the largest areas of opportunity for sales leaders, while also being the most overlooked aspect of sales velocity. How can a sales organization ensure they are being as efficient as possible at every level to close deals quickly?

Effective contract management is what makes the difference. More efficient contract management allows sales orgs to streamline the sales cycle to create sustainable revenue growth at a faster pace.

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