What Will You Do When Prospects Raise Objections?

Guest: Josh Braun, Founder of Sales DNA

Moderator: Colin Campbell – Head of Community at Outreach, Sales Hacker

If you think cold calling is dead, definitely do not read on.

We firmly believe cold calling is the lifeblood of sales. In fact, 2 out of 3 meetings booked by Outreach SDRs are made over the phone. But here’s the truth: calling someone when they aren’t expecting it is not easy (duh), and salespeople often rely on email and LinkedIn to hit their meeting quota.

In this webinar, executive Sales coach Josh Braun discussed how to feel more comfortable on the phone and ultimately set more meetings.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage humor to build relationships and overcome objections
  • 3 main categorizations of objections you may hear on the phone
  • Words you should ban from your call script immediately

Watch it here


Lauren Alt is the Manager of Demand Generation at Outreach. Prior to this, she led the marketing campaigns where she was responsible for overseeing and coordinating marketing’s campaign planning, execution and measurement processes for the purpose of cross team alignment to achieve marketing revenue goals.

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