Q4 Pipeline Tactics: How to Unstick Your Deals NOW

Everyone wants to have a Q4 (whether you’ve worked deals all year or started working a new territory last month).

Picture this: last month, you had a great discovery call. Your champion ate up every word. Now, you haven’t heard from them in weeks.

If you’re tired of refreshing your inbox, join Michael Grinberg to learn how you can unstick your Q4 deals NOW.

In the masterclass, you’ll see live examples and templates on how to get your prospects thinking about you and your solution in Q4 instead of next year.


Michael Grinberg – CEO, RevOps.Shop

You’ll learn:

  • How to visualize the deals you need to see on one screen
  • Strategies to re-engage the CEO, CFO, or your champion WITHOUT discounting
  • How to get your executives to WANT to sell with you
  • Where to download all of Michael’s templates

Watch it here

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