Sales Coaching Mistakes That’ll Cost You More Than You Think

Companies in the top quartile of employee engagement have 23% higher profitability.

Did you realize how much weight great coaching has on your long-term revenue growth?

In most cases, strong individual contributors get promoted to manager but don’t have the leadership and coaching fundamentals that will directly impact revenue and keep top performers in-seat. (running a successful call camp, for example, is not equivalent to knowing how to holistically coach a rep.)

Butler Raines, Wesleyne, and Kevin “KD” Dorsey share how to be greater professionally (and personally) and truly lead a team that carries quota.

You’ll learn:

  • How to know when to step in and help close versus letting the rep learn/fail
  • How to balance recognition and feedback
  • How to effectively build trust with your reps and team
  • How to handle conflict and develop resilience, wellness, and self-efficacy in a rep
  • How to embark on your journey to be greater in 2023 and beyond

Watch it here

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