Sales Engagement or CRM: Which Sales Tech is Right for Your Team


Darryl Praill – CMO, VanillaSoft

What you’ll learn:

  • Is your Marketing and Sales Tech stack negatively impacting your sales results?
  • What one feature in CRM has a dramatic impact on sales productivity?
  • Why is Marketing annoyed at Sales and can it be fixed?
  • How can you adapt your tech stack, without changing your processes, to triple your pipeline?

Watch it here

Years ago, SiriusDecisions created the Demand Waterfall. Suddenly, terms like Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) became part of our everyday vernacular. So what did SiriusDecisions forget in this education process? It’s simple. They forgot to mention that each stage of the sales funnel requires a different technology stack component. However, most organizations still rely solely on CRM to manage the process.

In this replay, we discussed how the tech stack has changed to reflect today’s modern sales processes, and how your technology could be adversely impacting your sales success.

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