Sales As We’ve Never Known It: How to Solve the Top 5 Issues Sales Teams are Having Now

Sales leaders have spent decades wrestling with ways to avoid uncertainty. Now, sales is as we’ve never known it.

To help, Jiminny surveyed hundreds of B2B sales pros across the US, UK, and Nordics to see how sales teams have been affected in this post-pandemic and possible pre-recession world.

So we’ve called up Tom Lavery, Nasri El-Sayegh and Brad Rosen, to break down each issue and share how you should tackle these challenges and reach success.


Brad Rosen – President at Sales Assembly

Nasri El-Sayegh – VP of Revenue at Hokodo

Moderator: Tom Lavery – CEO and Founder of Jiminny

You’ll Learn

  • How B2B sales has changed after the pandemic
  • The top challenges B2B sales is facing and how to overcome them
  • The effects of economic concerns on B2B sales
  • Where and how businesses are investing in sales development

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