The Top Four Trends Disrupting Sales in 2018


David Gerhardt – VP of Marketing at Drift

Shikha Bindra – Manager, Business Development at Vidyard


Scott Barker – Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • Changing customer expectations around how they are communicated to
  • The rise of predictive intelligence and guided sales
  • Enabling teams with technology and training to boost productivity
  • Improving the customer journey by getting better connected

Watch it here

The world of sales is changing. New trends backed by scientific data are allowing teams to become more productive and connected with their customers than ever before. That is, as long as their sales leaders are willing to step up to bat!

Watch David Gerhardt of Drift and Shikha Bindra of Vidyard and learn the top four trends disrupting the future of sales.

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