Top KPI’s to Focus on for Sales Productivity

Overwhelmed by your Q4 quota? Seeing your conversion rates drop?

Let’s be real, the economy is not where it was in Q1. Customers are pulling back on budget or backing out of the sale cycle entirely, while your team is already working overtime. And frankly, we’ve gotta do more with less.

We’ve assembled these experts to uncover the things that really matter to give your sales productivity and output a boost.


Jordan Hizel – Regional VP of Sales at Conga

Rosalyn Santa Elena – Founder and Chief Revenue Operations Officer at The RevOps Collective

Jeff Ford – SVP of Revenue Operations at Conga

You’ll learn:

  • Build up your top-line metrics to offset conversion drop
  • Maximizing deal size for each opportunity
  • Tighten up deal execution and closing timelines
  • New prospecting tactics to build pipeline

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