The “Unfair Advantage” of Top-Notch Sales Teams (And How to Get on Their Level)


Chris Orlob – Senior Director of Product Marketing,

What you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve organization-wide sales consistency that will unleash revenue growth
  • The question-asking rate that will make or break your reps’ selling motions
  • Why uniform call structures work better than ones that are “all over the map”
  • Sales messaging mistakes that are costing your team big money

Watch it here

In the race to market leadership, you need a great product, team, and spades of relevant experience. But, if your competitors also have those things, then who makes it across the finish line first?

The sales organizations that are leading the pack share one elusive advantage: Organization-wide sales consistency. You’ll win over the market if your team nails down the same selling motions, messaging, and call structures, without much deviation from rep to rep.

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