To Send or Not to Send — What Data Says About Sending Branded Swag


Mark KosoglowVP of Sales at Outreach

Eric HamlinVP of Sales at Kotis Design

Pavel DmitrievVP of Data Science at Outreach

Moderator: Scott Barker – Head Of Partnerships at Sales Hacker

Is direct mail a viable channel for sales to leverage in order to drive top of funnel engagement? Should your company invest in sending branded swag to deals in the pipeline? How much will it cost you to start? What’s the ROI…if any?

Direct mail has been a long disputed topic for sales and marketing alike. That’s why Pavel Dmitriev, Data Science Extraordinaire, Sales Legend Mark Kosoglow, and the industry expert Eric Hamlin decided to end this debate once and for all…with science! 

The Outreach sales development team ran an extensive experiment testing the effect branded gifts have when it comes to getting responses and ultimately booking meetings. The results were staggering—we have shared all the data of the results including the methodology behind it in this special live webinar.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Whether you should include direct mail in your 2019 budget
  • How to create (and measure) the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign
  • If sending branded swag could help you build pipeline


Lauren Alt is the Manager of Demand Generation at Outreach. Prior to this, she led the marketing campaigns where she was responsible for overseeing and coordinating marketing’s campaign planning, execution and measurement processes for the purpose of cross team alignment to achieve marketing revenue goals.

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