26 Best Sales Conferences and Can’t-Miss Sales Events of 2020

What’s the best sales conference, sales summit, or sales event for you this year? An event where you can find plenty of networking opportunities, training, and career-changing tips?

Here are 26 of the best sales conferences in 2020 (organized by the season of the year).

Go ahead and add them to your calendar now. We’ll wait!

Note: The coronavirus impacted many events that were scheduled in early 2020. We’ve updated dates and made notes about events that went virtual. To the best of our knowledge, these dates and links reflect the current schedules.

Best 26 Sales Conferences in 2020

  1. Unleash ’20
  2. The Surf and Sales Summit
  3. CSO UK
  4. SaaStr Annual 2020
  5. RevGen Insight Summit
  6. Sales 3.0
  7. AA-ISP Sales Leadership Summit
  8. Sales Enablement Pro’s Sales Enablement Soirees
  9. TOPO Summit
  10. SiriusDecisions 2020 Summit
  11. Drift’s Hypergrowth
  12. Sales Assembly Annual 2020
  13. Tenbound
  14. B2BSMX (Sales Marketing Exchange)
  15. Seismic Shift 2020
  16. Utah Women in Sales Summit
  17. Gong’s #celebrate
  18. Gartner CSO summit
  19. G2’s Reach 2020
  20. Sales Success Summit
  21. Showpad’s Transform
  22. IEEE’s S3S Conference
  23. Sales Growth Virtual Summit
  24. OpsStars
  25. Dreamforce
  26. Sales Hacker Growth Summit

Unleash ’20

April 7–9th | San Diego, CA

Now Unleash Virtual Summit: May 4-7, 2020

Unleash is the ultimate sales conference. Here, you’ll find the biggest names in sales, ops, marketing, and technology — gathered together for 3 days of transformational training and content.

You won’t just hear from big names in sales though (although there will be plenty of those). This year’s keynote speaker is Carey Lohrenz, the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy.

Unleash is a unique event with a broad scope. You’ll be inspired to change the sales world, and you’ll be equipped with the tools to do it.

Hosted by Outreach, this conference is for Outreach users and non-customers alike. It’s perfect for members of any sales organization looking for the secrets to unlock efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

This event has doubled every year since its inception, and this year there will be more than 2500+ attendees. It always sells out, so don’t sleep on your tickets!

Unleash is a gathering of salespeople like no other. This is an inspirational, high energy event for sales leaders who have achieved extraordinary success but know there’s always more to learn. For these students of the game, Unleash is the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded leaders, gain new insights into sales excellence, and learn techniques for unleashing your inner sales hero.

—Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships, Sales Hacker

Check out their video below.

The Surf and Sales Summit

February 24–28Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Now September 2020

Less is more in 2020. Behold the rise of the micro-conference. No sales conference better embodies this than the Surf and Sales Summit, brain-child of Scott Leese.

Located on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica (and soon to be Mexico and Nicaragua) the Surf and Sales Summit is a unique, intimate, fun event limited to just 20 people. Its focus is on honing your own skills, building real relationships, and investing in personal and professional growth.

The real purpose of any event is to learn, grow, network, and walk away with an experience that can transform you and your business. With such an intimate, small scale atmosphere, Surf and Sales can ensure that level of transformation. You’ll get unrivaled, personalized training and focus. You’ll make close friendships that benefit you throughout the rest of your career. Most importantly, you’ll leave a better salesperson.

Whether you’re an SVP, VP, Sales Manager or Rep, or a founder/CEO or board member with an interest in sales — Surf & Sales is for you!

No doubt your company has sent you to dozens of big sales conferences. Sure, there are thousands of attendees and parties, but how much do you really learn? How many meaningful, powerful experiences do you have? And how many lifelong connections and friends do you make?

Limited to just 20 people per event, none of whom will be selling their products to you, you will get hours of sales training [and surf instruction!] from some of the best in the business, build real relationships with a select group of your peers, and have a transformative experience.

— Scott Leese, Founder and CEO of Surf and Sales; Founder and CEO of Scott Leese Consulting, LLC


March 2 | Chepstow, UK

cso uk conference CSO UK is Europe’s most senior leadership community for enterprise, mid-market, hyper-growth, or unicorn companies. This is a completely different kind of sales event than you’re likely used to.

It’s a small-scale event that focuses more on community than speakers and training. Most of their attendees are repeat visitors from the top levels of Europe’s biggest companies.

CSO UK strives to create an environment where executives can feel safe to share and discuss top-of-mind challenges. It’s organized every year by a steering committee of six sales leaders from global businesses. They help shape the agenda and create the content.

CSO UK is a functional place for sales leaders to learn and find solutions to their biggest problems.

CSO UK is more of an elite club than a sales conference. We require an application process, and you need to be a senior decision maker, budget holder, or manage an actual sales team. The good news is that it means that everyone there knows what you’re going through and is ready to contribute to your success. If that sounds like you, send us an application, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in the near future.

—Joshua Smith, Founder and CEO, CSO UK

SaaStr Annual 2020

March 10–12 | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Now rescheduled and merged with SaaStr Bi-Annual: September 2020

SaaStr Annual 2020 is the largest non-vendor SaaS conference on the planet. 15,000+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs will come together in March for three full days of 300+ sessions from the best-of-the-best on how to scale faster.

You’ll get specific, actionable advice and teaching to grow your business from $0 to $100M ARR.

The best part, this is all non-vendor. So no commercials, no paid content, no boring panels. Just 3000+ AMAs, mentoring sessions, and 1:1ssessions that have been hand-screened and vetted to help you learn.

If you are a B2B founder, exec, investor, or work in SAAS, SaaStr 2020 is where you’ll meet and connect with the best in the industry.

You learn from the brightest in the industry and meet some incredible business-to-business software-as-a-service founders who share insights on how to scale your business faster.

— Ryan Chan, Founder and CEO at UpKeep Maintenance Management

RevGen Insight Summit

March 2–4 | Riviera Maya, Mexico

revgen insight summit

The RevGen Insight Summit brings together senior sales and revenue business leaders from across North America to discuss current industry challenges – and how best to tackle them.

RevGen has one main goal: to help attending executives implement their key projects more effectively and take their business to the next level.

This year’s summit will focus on topics like the buyer’s journey, sales technology, and diversity and inclusion in the sales force. You’ll learn from case studies from best-in-class organizations, amazing workshops, expert panels, debates on the biggest issues of the year, and one-to-one meetings with industry peers offering practical advice tailored to your specific needs.

You’ll leave RevGen with everything you need to implement your key projects more effectively.

The Summit has given me exposure to a lot of interesting technologies that I would not have otherwise found out about.

— Neil Pawardhan, Head of Digital Marketing, LG

Sales 3.0

March 10–11 | Orlando, FL
June 9–10 | Toronto
October 13–14 | Las Vegas, NV

sales 3.0 conference

Sales 3.0 is the longest running sales tech conference, taking place every year since 2008. It’s an event that’s all about networking and training for people in sales leadership.

Sales 3.0 is focused on improving every aspect of your sales organization — leadership, alignment with marketing, sales enablement, sales strategy, customer management, social selling, coaching sales reps, and much more.

The Sales 3.0 Conference series allows you to meet and network with an elite group of leaders in sales, sales operations, and sales enablement. The focus is on an intimate conference setting where you can interact directly with world-class speakers and get an inside look at the leading technologies that are empowering today’s top sales teams.

On top of the premium content and networking, you’ll also get a premium stay. Sales 3.0 partners with Four Seasons venues to offer a luxurious experience for all participants. If you want to learn new strategies, resolve your top sales challenges, and plan and execute your vision, Sales 3.0 is where you want to be.

Our focus is exclusively on sales leaders. We help them align and improve people, process and technology. As such, we limit the number of attendees to 300 to avoid conference bloat and to ensure optimal engagement, high class networking, and co-creation.

—Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power magazine, and Owner and host of Sales 3.0 Conferences

AA-ISP Sales Leadership Summit


The AA-ISP Leadership Summit is one of the largest and most intensive events for sales leaders out there. It’s specifically designed to bring together AA-ISP’s community of inside/digital sales leaders from around the globe for three days of intense training and networking.

With over 65 sessions, you’ll find the answer to almost any problem you may have, and with over 900 sales leaders expected to attend, the networking possibilities are massive.

They will also announce winners of the 2020 Inside Sales Awards, and host the #LS2020 Tool & Tech Expo which will bring together a variety of providers who are showcasing the latest services and tech for your teams.

In its 13th year, the Summit has proven to be an ideal place for learning, sharing, and networking with fellow leaders.

Leaders of all levels are encouraged to join us at the Summit where different tracks, topics, case study rooms, and networking events will provide content and connections to solve specific challenges facing our profession. Idea Exchange sessions will be led by practitioner leaders who are in the trenches daily, leading and enabling their teams for success.

—Kameron Hobbs, Sr. Director, Global Marketing & Operations, AA-ISP

Sales Enablement Pro’s Sales Enablement Soirees

April 22 | London, UK
November 12 | San Francisco, CA

sales enablement pro conference

Sales Enablement Soirée 2020 gives you the opportunity to network with the largest gathering of sales enablement professionals in the world. They have sessions highlighting the industry’s leading analysts, expert practitioners, and interactive workshops to make sure you are on top of the sales enablement game in 2020.

You’ll get amazing information and training, but what this event is really about is networking. If you’re in sales enablement, or anything related to it, you’ll be joined by thousands of your peers for the must-attend sales enablement event of the year.

The best part? Admission is complimentary and registration is open now, so be sure to reserve your spot!

We’re dedicated to furthering the function of sales enablement. We have something for everyone at all levels of enablement. You’ll connect with peers who are walking in your shoes, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and expert practitioners on the latest insights and best practices in sales enablement. I don’t think there are any events like ours — ours are both the largest and only events solely dedicated to sales enablement that aren’t a user conference.

—Shawnna Sumaoang, Senior Director at Sales Enablement PRO

TOPO Summit

Topo HQ

TOPO Summit 2020

TOPO Summit 2020 is one of the largest and fastest growing communities of B2B marketing and sales professionals, with over 2,000 marketing and sales leaders expected to attend.

It’s designed to align teams and provide actionable content to transform your organization. Every one of their 60+ sessions provides a deep dive into the key dynamics that drive revenue growth. You’ll leave with the knowledge to align your revenue teams by identifying and removing what’s not working, repeating what works, and recommitting to challenging the status quo together.

It’s two days jam-packed with reflecting, rethinking, and redefining strategies and tactics to grow revenue faster.

We believe that our conference is focused on the strongest content, actionable in real time, with the best sales and marketing practitioners in the world

We review all the content prior to our event to ensure it aligns to the TOPO standard. This ensures each and every attendee gets real value that is actionable

Sales and marketing alignment is key, so by bringing leaders from both sides, we can address orchestration areas that are both strategically and tactically essential.

—Ryan Arnett, Vice President, Sales | TOPO

SiriusDecisions 2020 Summit

Now Virtual

SiriusDecisions Summit 2020

SiriusDecisions Summit is the must-attend event for sales, marketing, and product innovators who drive growth in the most well-respected, high-performing companies in the market today.

The 2020 Summit enables sales by bringing together the best and brightest leaders in B2B to spark off each other, illuminate shared challenges, and power up for a brighter and more successful future.

You’ll experience keynote speeches by the best people in the industry, track sessions dedicated to addressing your most pressing priorities, and networking with the best and brightest minds in your industry.

Have a look at the highlights from last year. This isn’t something you are going to want to miss.

Drift’s Hypergrowth

May 6, 2020 | London, UK

Now September 14, 2020

Hypergrowth takes a different approach to your typical sales conference. At Hypergrowth, attendees rule the day. Just like the name implies, they’re all about growth and how you can achieve that in your organization.

If you haven’t been before, you should know that their target attendees are rule breakers, mavericks, and people who like to take action.

You’ll get the chance to network with 5000 other rule-breakers and innovators for a day of inspirational, informative speakers, and industry leaders. With such a unique group of over-achievers, you’ll experience an event unlike any conference you’ve attended before.

“Enjoyed every minute of my 24 hours in San Francisco for #HYPERGROWTH18” —Jill Rowley, Partner at Stage 2 Capital and Member of the Board of Directors at Affinio

“#HYPERGROWTH19 is the edgiest tech conference I’ve ever been to. Done right, it’s freaking awesome.” —Jarin Chu, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing Operations at OpFocus, Inc.

Sales Assembly Annual 2020

Sales Assembly Events

Sales Assembly Annual 2020

Sales Assembly Annual brings together sales and revenue leaders from leading companies throughout the region for a full day of sharing ideas, experiences, and strategy.

You’ll be joined by 400 other sales and revenue executives, founders and CEOs, and top investors from the leading high-growth tech companies in the region. Sales Assembly Annual is hyper-focused, and has a highly-curated list of attendees to ensure that you’ll be surrounded by people who can help you move to the next level.

With an agenda built around current, tactical strategies specifically for today’s modern, high-growth tech companies, they’re the perfect event for executives in the Saas industry.

Sales Assembly is a Chicago-based community focused on connecting and supporting sales leaders from leading high-growth, tech organizations. We’ve designed it specifically for revenue leaders and executives across the Midwest. The speaker lineup for SAA20 will feature well-known names such as Ryan Barretto, ActiveCampaign CMO Maria Pergolino, Mark Kosoglow, and Alyssa Merwin. If you want to get to know the tech leaders who are making big things happen east of Silicon Valley, don’t miss this one!

—Joel Primack, Community Manager at Sales Assembly


Tenbound Conferences

The Tenbound Sales Development Conference brings together VPs, Directors, and Managers of Sales Development, along with SDRs, Marketers, C-Level Execs, Owners, and VC’s, for a day of learning and networking that is 100% focused on sales development.

The conference includes general session presentations, fireside chats, and panel discussions led by world-renowned sales development experts.

You’ll meet and connect with the top minds in the industry. The sessions will give you practical tips, based on data and experience from companies that are working right now. Anyone involved in sales development will gain tremendous value from attending.

As the only conference dedicated 100% to Sales Development, The Tenbound Sales Development Conference provides a unique opportunity to learn, grow, connect and move our practice forward. Be part of the movement!

—David Dulany, Founder and CEO, Tenbound

B2BSMX (Sales Marketing Exchange)

August 10–12, 2020 | Boston, MA

B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange offers 50+ sessions in sales, marketing, and operations; 6 keynotes from thought leaders in ABM, revenue marketing, and demand generation; and the Best In B2B Awards.

With 1,000+ registrants, you’ll enjoy the networking opportunities. And through the B2B Labs and B2B Mentor programs, and intimate workgroups, you’ll get in-depth training and mentorship that can take your career to the next level.

The best of the best will be here, and this is a can’t miss event. We are really excited to partner with Terminus and Demand Gen Report.

—Jeff Pedowitz, The Pedowitz Group

Seismic Shift 2020

2020 TBD, Fall | San Diego, CA

Seismic Shift 2020

Seismic Shift is one of the top enablement events of the year — nearly three days’ worth of sales and marketing visionaries speaking and sharing advice on how enablement is helping businesses align their sales and marketing teams in order to provide the best customer experience.

Seismic Shift is all about hands-on training. You’ll get workshops, in-depth product sessions, and case studies from dozens of leading companies like IBM, HPE, and Rackspace. On top of this, you’ll hear world-class presenters from some of the biggest companies in the world reveal how they’re using sales enablement to transform their businesses.

Shift 2020 will take place in the Fall in the San Diego, CA area. Visit the Shift site for updates as Shift 2020 gets closer

Attendees will catch a glimpse into where enablement is headed in the coming year and leave inspired by thought leadership tracks designed for sales and marketing practitioners and executives. You’ll have plenty of fun too. In the past, downtime at Shift has been filled with guided networking, evening socials, a women’s event, and even a golf tournament.

—Stephanie Jackman, Public Relations Manager at Seismic

Utah Women in Sales Summit

2020 TBD (October 4, 2019) | Salt Lake City, UT

Utah Women in Sales is an organization focused on serving women who are in sales or are interested in pursuing a career in sales. They give saleswomen the chance to connect, learn about new opportunities, network with other sales professionals, and gain skills that will be valuable in the workplace. Both men and women are welcome to join.

Their annual Summit will take place in early October. This is an all-day event that includes two keynote speakers — one during the breakfast group and one right after lunch. Multiple breakout sessions cover a wide variety of topics, skills, and personal development for all stages of your career. You’ll also get two panel discussions during the day by some of the best sales leaders in our industry. You’ll hear from speakers that range from everyday women in their area that have a great message and skills to share to professional speakers and authors.

It often feels like women are alone on the sales floor. Our group brings thousands of women together, and enables them to build friendships and support groups. All of the topics and speakers at Utah Women in Sales comes from a group of 8 women who are engaged in sales full-time and understand what we all struggle with. We have targeted, skill-based training as well as personal development, and groups with men where we discuss ways that men and women can support each other on sales teams and understand our strengths and differences. We help women get better jobs, advance their careers, and balance their work with their life better. Hearing first hand what other women struggle with, and how they have overcome is very inspiring and it makes it real and attainable. I believe that this focus is what sets us apart.

—Lanette Richardson, President and Founder, Utah Women in Sales

Utah Women in Sales started due to a personal need of mine to create a community of women in sales, local to Utah. We had no idea how receptive the community would be to this organization. Our first event had over 300 women attend, and from there, the community has continued to grow.

—Rebekah Brewer, CEO, Utah Women in Sales

Gong’s #celebrate

2020 TBD (October 8, 2019) | San Francisco, CA

#Celebrate20 is an industry event for revenue leadership — bringing in leading revenue practitioners and thought leaders to share how they leverage revenue intelligence to achieve success.

Revenue Intelligence is a relatively new idea that uses a team approach to growing revenue. It focuses on three key pillars: People Success, Deal Success, and Strategy Success.

If you want to learn how to take advantage of revenue intelligence in your organization, and collaborate with other people who want to do the same, this is a can’t-miss-event.

Attendees will leave the event with tactical and strategic insights to take your organization to the next level and get to grow your inner circle of trusted revenue leaders through networking with other like minded sales, sales enablement, operations, and customer success professionals.

—Danny Hutto, Events Marketing Manager at Gong

Gartner CSO Summit

October 6–8, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

The Gartner CSO Summit is a comprehensive conference experience for chief sales officers and sales leaders. It’s put on by the biggest brand in marketing and sales research and innovation, so you know all of their information and training is based on hard data.

B2B sales leaders who are focused on sales enablement and operations learn from the latest research covering topics such as sales talent, customer buying behaviors, account planning collaboration, and sales technology.

You’ll be part of tailored breakout sessions, workshops, roundtables, and 1:1s to gain the practical tools you need to transform your sales team into a next-generation selling phenomenon.

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. You’re going straight to the source with this event.

Check out this video from last year to see what they’re all about.

G2’s Reach 2020

October 7–8 | Chicago, IL

Reach 2020 is designed for people who market and sell software. They tackle that issue (and all the issues that come with it) head-on with some of the biggest names in marketing.

Last year was G2’s first-ever one-day event, and it was a breakout success. One executive even said it was the “Sexiest Conference” they’ve ever attended.

This year, they’re spreading the amazing content over two days so you get twice the benefit.

If you’re in SaaS, this conference is designed specifically for you to level-up your skills and network with some of the smartest minds in the business.

Have a look at this quick overview of reach 2019 to see what they’re all about.

2020 Sales Success Summit

October 12–13 | Austin, TX

The Sales Success Summit is the only event on this list that’s designed specifically for individual contributors, which makes it a can’t-miss sales summit for sales reps. It was built for sales professionals by sales professionals and exclusively features presentations from the top 1% of individual contributors.

This is designed to be a unique, comfortable event, focused on learning and networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

No hotel conference rooms here. The Summit is held at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, where attendees enjoy comfortable seats in this full-service movie theater. Food and drinks are available from a full menu and brought right to their seats. While anyone is welcome to attend, the event tends to attract the best of the best from around the world.

The Sales Success Summit is an intimate event, with a maximum of 190 attendees, that’s all about the experience and relationships. This is a great opportunity to learn from and talk with many of the top producing sellers who have appeared on the Sales Success Stories Podcast.

—Scott Ingram, Founder of Sales Success Media

Showpad’s Transform

2020 TBD (October 8–9, 2019 | London, UK; November 5–6, 2019 | Chicago, IL)

Transform is two days packed full of enablement content and networking, so you can build better buyer experiences. Their goal is for you to return to your workplace equipped with the information you need to make a long-term impact on your organization.

Showpad’s executive team, customers, and other industry analysts will host informative sessions about the current state of the Sales Enablement space. You’ll learn about where enablement is, where it’s going, and how Showpad is supporting organizations along the way.

That’s not all though. You’ll hear from people who approach business in a new way, and think creatively about the problems they face. Some of their past speakers include Pixar animators, entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors, so there is no shortage of amazing content to gain here.

Check out some of their highlights from 2019 to see what they’re all about. This is a technology sales event you don’t want to miss.

IEEE’s S3S Conference

October 14–16 | San Jose, CA

The IEEE S3S Conference is not only a venue where the industry and academia publish their latest works but also a place where colleagues come together to have meaningful informal discussions.

This industry-wide event has brought together industry leaders and widely known experts in a social-oriented environment for more than 40 years. Contributed papers and invited talks are focused on SOI Technology, Low-Voltage Devices/Circuits/Architectures, and 3D Integration. These 3 technologies will play a major role in tomorrow’s industry as they enable application-tailored and Energy / Cost efficient circuit designs.

Recently the IEEE S3S Conference has been a hot spot for the latest research on 3D Integration to enable another dimension of scaling. Even more recently, the conference has been a place where the newest results on Ultra-Low Power Circuits are discussed and shared.

Sales Growth Virtual Summit

October 15 | Online

Hosted by Women Sales Pros, the Sales Growth Virtual Summit is everything you need to end 2020 strong and boost your company’s sales growth in 2021.

Over 40 leading sales experts will share actionable advice for sales leaders, front line salespeople, managers, and entrepreneurs on topics ranging from strategic to the everyday execution.

With 20-minute, straight-to-the-point sessions, you will be equipped with today’s best practices in sales systems and processes, with proven tactics and technology you need to grow sales.

Don’t miss the end-of-day town-hall-style interviews of some of the day’s speakers, where you can ask questions directly to top experts. It’s a powerful event, with tons of great training from the comfort of your home or office.

The Sales Growth Virtual Summit includes 30 of the top B2B sales change agents with 3 different tracks depending on your position — one track for reps, one track for leaders, and one track for enablement.

Our virtual summit will get you thinking differently in 30-minute sessions!

— Lori Richardson, Founder, President, and Board Member of Women Sales Pros, B2B Sales Growth Strategist for Score More Sales

LeanData’s OpsStars

2020 TBD (November 19–21, 2019) | The Mint San Francisco

If you’re involved in the revenue arm of a business (which, if you’re reading this, you probably are) then this conference is built for you.

As technology sales events go, this is one of the best. You’ll get to network with 2,500 people from sales, marketing, and revenue ops.

You’ll learn strategies, techniques, and new approaches to the problems you face every day. True to their name, OpsStars approaches solutions from an ops perspective, giving you unique solutions to common problems.

OpsStars is a huge event with a mind-boggling number of speakers. That means whatever your problem, there is likely a solution there. If you want to know where the trends in revenue are going in the near future, and how to catapult your career in revenue forward, OpsStars has the answers.

Here’s why you should attend OpsStars

Watch what these B2B sales and marketing professionals are saying OpsStars! Join us by checking our Events page and signing up for the next available event.



November 9–12, 2020 | San Francisco, CA

Due to the coronavirus threat, Dreamforce 2020 is now a virtual event. Salesforce reports, “We will miss bringing everyone together in person, but we are excited to shape our virtual events in ways that bring all of the fun, innovation and learning to our dedicated community of Trailblazers. Please read our full update at our newsroom and visit our FAQ for more details on Dreamforce.”

Dreamforce is one of the longest conferences on our list. Four days and nights means tons of networking opportunities, inspiring keynotes, and sessions on almost every problem you could ever come across.

Think sales conference… technology sales event… sales seminar… all rolled into one.

The core theme of the conference is about how technology shapes the future of selling, but it doesn’t stop there. They have sessions that cover causes like climate change and wildlife welfare. They approach business from every angle to uncover new and exciting opportunities that will improve your bottom line and the world as a whole. You are sure to take back loads of learnings to step up your sales game big-time.

You’ll experience visionary thinking and discover the future of sales technology. The event also includes a weeklong celebration, with parties and happy hours all over town.

“Dreamforce is equal parts learning, networking, getting inspired and a whole lot of fun!” Zac Otero, Analytics Admin, Advisors Asset Management, Inc.

“Dreamforce is the epitome of a well-put-together conference. It’s a week-long party of classes and people coming together along with phenomenal speakers and networking possibilities that are endless! Everybody is having a joyful time learning and connecting.” —Christi Kane, Certified Salesforce Administrator, YRC Worldwide Inc.

Sales Hacker Growth Summit

December 7–11 | Online

The end of the year is the perfect time to assess your performance, set goals, and rev up for the new year. Which is why we’ve chosen the second week of December for the Sales Hacker Growth Summit (formerly the Success Summit).

This sales summit is a full week of actionable, high-impact training — 100% free and accessible from your computer or mobile device. No need to ask for time off or wrangle travel budgets! Just come and enjoy.

Designed specifically for individual contributors, the Growth Summit is your chance to level-up your skills for the new year. Mark your calendar now. You won’t want to miss it!

Over 5,000 people attended the Summit in 2019, every single one of them creating a personalized track with the sessions they needed, which they watched on their own time.

We didn’t:

  • Charge for attendance
  • Have any sponsorships
  • Share any registration info with partners or speakers

We believe the world is a better place when we can give without expecting anything in return. Our mission is to help every B2B sales professional on the planet work smarter. That’s why the Sales Hacker Growth Summit will always be free and unsponsored — a true gift to the B2B sales community that has already given us so much.

–Colin Campbell, Director of Marketing, Sales Hacker

How to Choose the Right Sales Conference for You

There’s no perfect, right, or wrong answer to this. Depending on your situation, an event’s price, location, length, and time of year can all be valid factors in making your decision.

The key is to find the events that address your biggest problems and knowledge gaps, and also connects you with people in your industry who you can collaborate with. If you work in operations, look at technology sales events.  If travel is an issue, check out the virtual sales summits. And if you want the full experience, watch the sales conferences.

Every conference is a little different, but for all of them, you’ll get out what you put in. Think of them as an investment — a chance to improve your skills and expand your network. This isn’t just a paid break from work.

Evaluate your needs, then pick the conference that best fits your needs. If it’s on this list, chances are you won’t go wrong.


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Max Altschuler is the General Partner of GTMfund. He previously founded Sales Hacker, a premier B2B sales media company, and scaled it to over 150,000 monthly visitors before its acquisition by Outreach.io. At Outreach, Max served as VP of Marketing for four years. During that time, he built an incredible team that helped the company 3.5x ARR in under two years, while building and becoming the leader in the Sales Engagement Category. A recognized thought leader, Max has been featured in Forbes, Time, Inc, Harvard Business Review, and Quora. He is also the author of “Hacking Sales: The Playbook For Building A High Velocity Sales Machine,” published by Wiley.

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