Demo-litions: Sales Lessons from Tommy Boy (Bonus Episode)

Season 2 Bonus: Tommy Boy

Have you ever wondered if there are real business lessons to learn from in one of the greatest sales movies of all time?

Well our Demo-litions team, Scott Barker & Dave Kennet, are big Tommy Boy fans, so they decided to make a BONUS episode to critique the infamous sales office scene and put that question to the test.

In Season 2’s final episode, we watch Tommy and Richard, two brake pad salesmen, try to navigate multiple in-person sales meetings with some big-time prospects. After getting rejected time and time again, we see a glimmer of hope.

However, it is short-lived. Tommy becomes too tied to the outcome and his nerves start to get the better of him, which leads to some poor decision-making on his part.

Watch the video to see what happens, and get Scott and Dave’s hilarious tear-down of this classic moment in sales history.



Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t be too attached to the outcome. Avoid commission breath.
  2. Have a pre-meeting ritual to get you in the zone.
  3. Relax and use simple language. (avoid industry jargon & buzzwords.)
  4. Ideally, try not to light a fire in your prospect’s office.

Never forget that behind every sales decision is just another human being who isn’t all that different from you.

Have fun, relax and don’t take yourself too seriously.


Scott Barker is the Head of Partnerships and Revenue at Sales Hacker. He is passionate about building and strengthening authentic relationships with his team and partners. Outside of Sales Hacker, he helps bring Vancouver sales professionals together to share ideas, network with peers, and learn from top sales operators & leaders as GM of Vancouver Enterprise Sales Forum.   Dave Kennett is a seasoned SaaS and Software sales leader with over 25 years of progressive business development and sales leadership experience. His experience has centered around start-up, turn-around, and hyper-growth situations. He founded and leads a successful high-growth On-Demand Inside Sales Coaching company called Replayz.

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