Sales Hacker & Winning by Design Partner to Educate One Million Sales Professionals by 2020

As part of its effort to promote expanded access to high-quality online learning opportunities about B2B sales and with the goal to educate one million modern sales professionals worldwide by 2020, Winning By Design is partnering with Sales Hacker and begins offering premium, educational content exclusively on the Sales Hacker website before it is released anywhere else.

“Clearly, something very important is happening in the evolution of SaaS sales specifically, and B2B sales more generally. It’s a seismic shift in the way sales teams are built and run.” – Jacco van der Kooij, founder of Winning By Design

Modern Sales is Data-Driven and Customer Centric

There is a systemic failure across B2B sales organizations to hit growth targets consistently. In a large number of sales organizations fewer than 80% of sales reps are meeting their goal. Sales superstars on the team are no longer able to cover the spread of the sheer amount of contributors that are missing their targets, as was recently documented by Harvard Business Review.

At the same time, a new generation of professionals, buyers and sellers alike, is looking at sales in a completely different way. Modern sales is more customer centric: it’s about listening and asking questions, about helping customers to buy, and about solving problems.

Jacco’s Keynote Presentation At Sales Hacker London

Modern Sales is Accessible to More People Worldwide

Much of modern sales happens online and via the phone, rather than in person. Lastly, more specialization is happening, with the traditional sales role being split into market development, sales development, sales management, customer success management, and account management, amongst others.

Specialization and online sales make it easier to achieve consistency, as long as you pair it with an umbrella sales framework and a data-driven, customer-centric approach, but also make sales more accessible, including to those new to the workforce, those who previously didn’t or couldn’t consider sales as a career, and those living outside major tech areas.

“Just like marketing went through a transformation some years ago to become more data-driven and predictable, sales is going through this transformation today.”

“Early adopters of a systematic and data-driven approach have hired sales productivity experts and are winning their markets by investing as much into designing their sales organization and sales process as they invested in designing their product”

– Jacco van der Kooij, founder of Winning By Design

Sales Hacker has quickly become the leading resource for the modern sales professionals

“Winning By Design and Sales Hacker together can bring a modern approach to B2B sales to the masses”

“By combining the Sales Hacker ability to reach the sales community with the Winning By Design blueprints and sales training programs, we can achieve our goal of helping more people globally, including millennials and those new to the workforce, figure out how to best navigate their careers and hit their goals.”

–  Max Altschuler, founder of Sales Hacker

Premium Sales Education Available Worldwide Today

The 1st Sales Blueprint is live on the Sales Hacker website today and more will be made available every week:

  • Blueprint on The Science of Sales
  • Blueprint on How to Use Sales Data
  • Blueprint on How to Design Sales Compensation
  • Blueprint on How to Be Successful with Provocative Sales

Winning By Design Courses

For Sales Hacker readers who prefer instructor-led courses, Winning By Design also launched a series of online train-the-trainer courses, accessible to aspiring sales leaders no matter where in the world.

You can access them on Winning By Design’s resource center:

winning by design landing pages

Jacco van der Kooij is the Founder and CEO of Winning By Design and Sales Mentor at Storm Ventures and Reach Capital. His life has been changed by helping his customers, and he strives to show others how it can do the same for them. He’s been a SaaS Keynote speaker for conferences around the world sharing his message of customer enablement along the way.

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