GTM 15: How to Position Yourself

GTM 15: How to Position Yourself with Brendan Dell

Brendan Dell is a positioning and messaging expert with over ten years’ experience in helping businesses optimize high impact sales and investment pitches, and build and execute high-growth GTM strategies.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why it’s important for a business to hone it’s messaging to better position itself.
  • When the business should broaden its messaging.
  • Love for the customer Vs Love for the Tech.


(2:55) About Brendan Dell.

(5:40) Brendan’s thoughts on the Sam-Bankman Fried trial.

(11:28) What is positioning?

(12:26) Brendan’s story about failure.

(20:45) How founders can focus on solving real problems before rolling out products.

(24:34) How do founders know when to broaden their marketing message?

(30:12) What makes great B2B brands unique?

(33:38) Why it’s important for businesses to position themselves for a specific persona.

(39:00) Brendan’s message to listeners.

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