GTM 20: Branding

GTM 20: Branding, Negotiation, and Creating Raving Fans with Udi Ledergor

Udi Ledergor is the former CMO of Gong and the company’s current Chief Evangelist. The insights he offers in this episode are invaluable for anyone interested in branding, content development, negotiating, or creating a devoted fan base.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Udi Ledergor and Gong achieved 100x growth in a short period of time.
  • The hacks and strategies used to create a powerful brand presence on a limited budget.
  • The impact of providing an exceptional candidate experience even if they are not given an offer.
  • How to negotiate well.


(0:49) Udi Ledergor: From Gong’s CMO to Chief Evangelist.

(13:49) Udi’s superpowers: Branding and Negotiation.

(14:58) How Udi secured a Super Bowl commercial with a modest investment.

(21:15) Marketing hack: Amplifying modest offline investments like billboards with digital.

(28:00) How to create raving fans.

(31:00) Content strategies: New, thought-provoking, and controversial create conversation.

(36:33) How to negotiate properly.

(41:00) Why you shouldn’t have pricing conversations over email.

(44:08) Getting noticed on LinkedIn: Bold, controversial, conversational content.

(49:03) How revenue leaders can succeed by going back to basics.

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