GTM 31: The Venture Deal that Crumbled into Pieces

GTM 31: The Venture Deal that Crumbled into Pieces with Tyler Short

Tyler Short joins us this week as we dive into all things Go-To-Market, but this time with a Venture spin on things. We get a deeper glimpse into what’s going on across the VC world and the implications of today’s market for founders & investors. Tyler currently works as the General Counsel and Director of Operations at SixThirty Ventures.

Tyler peels the onion on one of his biggest career learnings to date – a venture deal that crumbled apart. Not one to miss!

What You Will Learn:

  • Things to look out for as someone investing in startups today.
  • How to fundraise smarter.
  • The fundamentals to help you better navigate which startups to invest in.
  • Legal necessities to be aware of as a founder.
  • Knowing when to walk away from a deal.


(3:26) VC terminology & how to break into venture.

(6:28) Predictions and themes in today’s Market.

(14:15) A deal that fell apart and what Tyler learned throughout the process.

(30:36) Best advice to founders struggling to raise in this market.

(33:27) Advice to founders around legal work.

(35:42) Tyler’s view on AI legal tech.

(38:15) What the best founders do to move the needle.

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