GTM 7: How to Scale Yourself

GTM 7: How to Scale Yourself

Ashley Hansen Grech is the Chief Operating of Recharge, a company that empowers merchants through recurring commerce. She spent her first 12 years climbing the ranks at JPMorgan before joining Square (now Block) and becoming the Global Head of Sales for four-and-a-half years. In this episode, she discusses how she manages teamwork, tasks, and decisions when there are several people involved. She describes how she makes her impact felt in a team of 700+, and how she succeeds at it.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to scale yourself.
  • The value of frontline managers.
  • Why it is important to prioritize shared values and principles over job skills when hiring.


(03:25) Google’s Project Starline and what it means for collaboration.

(08:30) Ashley’s career story and what she would do differently.

(16:21) The value of frontline managers.

(19:36) How to coach frontline managers and set them up for success.

(23:02) How to scale yourself.

(24:05) Understanding principled decision-making and how to make it work.

(27:38) How to make yourself known in a large company and keep accountable.

(34:50) Ashley’s take on recruiting more women leaders.

(35:00) Why “leadership traits” is a myth.

(36:10) Why you should hire based more on personality and values, not simply jobs to be done.

(40:22) Ashley’s summary of career learnings.

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