Use Outreach? Save 5 Hours A Week With These Hacks

Use Outreach? Save 5 Hours a Week with these Hacks

Look, we get it. You’ve got a number to hit. Outreach is a big platform. Who’s got the time?

… with these Outreach hacks, you do.

In this master class designed specifically for Outreach users, we’ll teach you to go beyond the basics and save up to 5 hours a week with tips, tricks, and little-known Outreach features to create and close more pipeline.


Roberto Carrero, Enterprise Account executive at Sapper Consulting

Jacob Turner, Founder and CEO of Xebra Consulting

Sarah Okey, Product Manager at Outreach

You’ll learn:

  • How to Organize Content – Content Smart Views / Content Collections
    • Teams, naming conventions,
  • How to Organize Accounts – Prospect Account View
    • Field mapping
  • How to Organize Prospects – Stages, Sequence States, Tagging Prospects
    • Field mapping / Personas

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