Improving Business Performance in 2018: 4 Stats That Impact Revenue

As we embarked on our 2018 Business Performance Benchmark Study, our goal had not changed from 2017. Altify continues its commitment to providing a definitive guide to improve business performance across all industries in 2018. 

This study examines the strategic impact on business in a changing global economic environment. A study like this is especially relevant amidst technology advancements such as Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.

When revenue considerations that are top of mind for executives and managers, this study dives into ways sales performance is likely to be challenging or can be improved.

Key Sales Insights to Improve Business Performance in 2018

  1. Invest more in sales tech and methodologies.
  2. Increase focus on frontline sales management.
  3. Understand the customer; unlock sales velocity.
  4. Effectively maximize the value of a deal.

1) Invest more in sales tech and methodologies

Improve Business Performance: Decline in best practices

Relative to 2017, there is a decline in the execution of key sales best practices.

  • ↓ 4% Frontline sales teams are able to effectively do their jobs
  • ↓ 10% Sales process mapped to customer
  • ↓ 2% Maximizing the value of each deal

Takeaway: Sales leaders need to invest in sales technology and methodology solutions. This is in order to embed best practices and enable their teams at every stage of the sales lifecycle.

2) Increase focus on frontline sales management

Improve Business Performance: Frontline sales management

Companies with effective front line sales management report:

Takeaway: Success in driving increased sales rests not in the executive suite, but on the frontline.

3) Understand the customer; unlock sales velocity

Improve Business Performance: Increase sales velocity

Companies that effectively map their sales process to their customer’s buying process report:

  • 16% Increase in a deal size
  • 23% shorter sales cycle

Takeaway: Modern sales teams need to move beyond accounts and contacts. Instead, the focus should be on insights and relationship selling to create value for customers and win business consistently.

4) Make it a Big Deal

Improve Business Performance: Customer focus

Companies that effectively maximize the value of their deal have:

Takeaway: Successful companies maximize deal value by taking a customer-first approach.

Grab the Full Report Here

Download a copy of the full 2018 Business Performance Benchmark Report. You’ll have access to additional takeaways on Disruptive Forces, the sales and marketing gap, why buyers prefer advice from the outside and much more!

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Suzanne Rabauer is the Senior Director for Global Field and Partner marketing at Altify.

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