How to Smash Your Quota By Listening Better (Summit Replay)

This video training was originally presented at the 2019 Sales Hacker Success Summit. In it, Chief of Sales Insights at Serve Don’t Sell and host of the Modern Sales Podcast, Liston Witherill, shows you how to smash your quota by shutting up and listening better.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why talking too much is costing you big numbers of sales.
  • How to become a better listener
  • Specific, actionable tips you can take today to listen like a top 1% seller.

The Video


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Outline and Timestamps

◉ The Plague of Loud Mouth Syndrome (00:32)

◉ What Makes a Good Listener (06:11)

◈ Wait Your Turn (06:46)

◈ Show That You’re Listening (07:45)

◈ Ask For More (09:31)

◈ Get Confirmation (11:31)

◈ Reveal Insights (13:23)

◉ The Actions you Can Take to Become a Better Listener (15:28)

◈ Challenge 1: Repeat and Confirm (15:33)

◈ Challenge 2: Record and Analyze (17:12)

◈ Challenge 3: Talk to a Stranger (19:51)

◉ Key Takeaways (21:28)

Who is Liston Witherill?

Liston Witherill is a Sales Behaviorist who helps people like you ask questions with a purpose so you can sell more services. He’s also the host of Modern Sales, a weekly podcast covering the psychology of buying and selling, and how to put it into action.

Liston is a sales trainer and consultant who helps client services professionals sell more services to big companies. He provides remote and onsite training to teams who want to serve their clients more effectively while selling more, and doing it ethically.

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